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The queen of a fleet, and so even fewer can afford to build one of these huge ships. While the Turians and Humans race to have the most carriers; the Asari have the largest carrier known among the Citadel races ready for war. Carriers can support flights of fighter or frigate-class warships, ones specially equipped to handle particular missions. This versatility allows it to load fighter-bombers for anti-capital missions one month, and then switch to swarms of hunter-killer frigates the next when a hostile system’s asteroid outposts need to be destroyed. Stripped of its combat wings, however, a carrier has less individual firepower than a cruiser.

Of all the Citadel races, it is in fact the Quarians that have the most carriers in their fleet. However, they were long ago retrofitted to not be optimized for war. Instead they are the heart of the Migrant Fleet and the homes that most Quarians have grown up in.


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