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Cita-gel is a recently developed, weaker, version of Medi-gel. It is applied the same way medical-gel is, but has a slower and lesser effect. Moreover, it a bit more of a skilled of a hand to make it work properly. First Aid-0 is required to have any effect. On the other hand, cita-gel is perfectly legal and can be found in any major market. This has greatly improved the lives of the Citadel races.

Healing the Injured

Cita-gel augments and amplifies the body’s natural response to physical injury and exhaustion. This boost speeds natural recovery drastically and heals 1d8 plus the user’s First Aid skill in hit points after five minutes of rest. Cita-gel does not work on PCs who are mortally wounded; they need to be stabilized before the Cita-gel can help them, though application to a stabilized target will get them back on their feet and active again. Each application adds 1 System Strain to the target. Each additional application of Cita-gel to a target the same day increases the minimum First Aid skill needed by 1.


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