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Ship Defense Cost Power Mass Effect
Fighter Class
Augmented Plating 25k* 0 1# +2 AC, -1 Speed
Hardened Polyceramic 25k* 0 1# AP of attacks reduced 5
Frigate Class
Boarding Countermeasures 25k* 2 1# Makes boarding more difficult
Burst ECM 50k* 2 1# 1 in 6 chance any attack misses.
GARDIAN 25k* 5 2# Negate one successful hit
Point Defense Lasers 10k* 3 2# +2 AC vs munitions
Cruiser Class
Foxer Drones 10k* 2 1# +2 AC for one round, Ammo 5
Capital Class
Ablative Hull 100k* 5 2# +1 AC, +20 maxHP
Ablative Hull:

By sacrificing empty hull space in a complex system of ablative blast baffles, a capital-class ship can have a large amount of its total mass shot away without actually impinging on its normal function. This grants it a +1 AC bonus and 20 extra maximum hit points.

Augmented Plating:

At the cost of a certain amount of speed and maneuverability, a ship can have its armor plating reinforced against glancing hits, gaining a +2 bonus to its AC. This augmentation can decrease a ship’s Speed below 0, meaning it will be applied as a penalty to all Pilot tests.

Boarding Countermeasures:

The ship has hardened bulkheads, reinforced hatches, and specially-designed automated kill corridors for wiping out intruders. Provided that the ship’s bridge is still under control, the operator can prevent entry to the ship by any force that lacks shipyard-grade tools, weapons capable of melting hull plating, or specialized military breaching implements. If intruders do get inside, only well-equipped, specially- trained marines have any real chance of breaching the defenses. Ordinary space pirates or more casual invaders have only a 1 in 6 chance of threatening the bridge crew, though they may cause significant damage in their dying.

Burst ECM:

This system links with a ship’s navigational subsystem and randomizes the motion vectors in sympathy with electromagnetic / gravitic currents. This agility gives any hit on the ship a 1 in 6 chance of being negated entirely.

Foxer Drones:

These drones are invariably short-lived due to the enormous energy signatures they produce, but until the ship’s next turn they grant a +2 AC bonus as their emissions confuse foes. Foxer drones are cheaply constructed and essentially free; the only limit on their number is the amount of free space set aside for holding them.


General ARea Defense Integration Anti-spacecraft Network is a high-powered ECM generator and laser array that is activated to negate any one otherwise-successful hit against the ship. The GARDIAN can be activated after the damage has been rolled, but enemy ships rapidly compensate for the new ECM source, and so the generator can only be used effectively once per engagement without scrambling it’s algorithm.

To scramble the algorithm is a Decryption DC 8 +1 per previous attempt. Firing the GARDIAN a second time requires the consumption of a free point of Power from the ship’s hull.

Hardened Polyceramic:

A complex glazing process can harden the surface of a ship’s armor to more effectively shed incoming attacks, decreasing the armor-piercing quality of any hit by 5.

Point Defense Lasers:

Too small to damage ships, these point defense lasers can detonate or melt incoming munitions, improving the ship’s defenses against torpedoes, fractal impact charges, and other ammunition-based weapons.


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