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Heavy armor is incredibly heavy and takes quite a bit of effort just to move around in. Most people cannot even move around in it. due to the many woven layers of Dura-Tanium, this armor is solid in most areas. When speaking to someone it is usually easier to turn your body than exhaust yourself trying to turn the armor.
Heavy armor requires STR 13, and imposes 2 penalty to Evasion saves.
Heavy combat suit requires STR 14, and imposes 2 penalty to Evasion saves.

Heavy Armor and Tech

Heavy armor is almost solid Dura-Tanium with many layers woven all throughout it. This material is naturally a powerful insulation that disrupts the flow of electrical impulses and electronic signalling immediately around it. The embedded shield also tend to disrupt the flow of Tech and Biotic abilities.

Armor Class

Heavy Armor offers an Armor Class (AC) of 18 plus your Dexterity Modifier.

Armor Table

N/A thus far

Combat Suit Table

Heavy Armor Low Medium High
Damage Resistance 8 9 10
Damage Threshold 20 {70} 25 {90} 35 {120}
Hardpoints 3 4 5
Lightpoints 2 3 4
Shields 30 45 60
Tech/BioT -2 -1

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heavy armor

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