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Though one might think otherwise melee weapons are by no means useless in Mass Effect. The advantages of them are: the ability to bypass kinetic barriers and most are immune to the effects of a Tech Specialist since they have no moving parts or complex computer systems to fry.

Name/Manufacturer Cost AV MS Hands Damage
Combat Series Dagger Gothran 100 Common 0 1 MD+2
Katana Cerberus Skunkworks 15000 Rare 0 1 MD+6
Krogan Battle Cleaver 5000 Uncommon 0 2 MD+6
Accelerated Krogan Battle-Cleaver Talmarr LLC 50000 Rare 2 2 MD+6
Acker Blade Archon Industries Accelerator Dagger 2000 Common 1 1 MD+3
Razor Longsword Gothran 3000 Common 0 1 MD+4
Acker Rapier Archon Industries Accelerator 12000 Uncommon 1 2 MD+5

Main Page —> Equipment —> Weapons


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