sniper rifles

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Sniper Rifles have two damage codes. The first and smaller is when the weapon is fired from the hip, the second and higher is used when you spend an action during that round to aim (suffering -3 to other actions).

Name/Manufacturer Cost AV MS Range Damage Aimed
Reaper Elkoss Combine Sniper Rifle 2500 Uncommon 1 75m 1D+2 5D+2
Hammer Elanus Risk Control Services Sniper Rifle 3800 Uncommon 2 80m 1D+2 5D+2
Avenger Hahne-Kedar Sniper Rifle 6500 Uncommon 2 90m 2D 6D
Titan Cerberus Skunkworks Sniper Rifle 8800 Uncommon 2 100m 2D+1 6D+1
Lightning Strike Batarian State Arms Sniper Rifle 16000 Uncommon 2 110m 2D+2 6D+2
Python Hahne-Kedar Sniper Rifle 14000 Uncommon 1 120m 2D+1 6D+1
Naginata Ariake Technologies Sniper Rifle 16000 Uncommon 1 130m 2D+2 6D+2
Striker Devlon Industries Sniper Rifle 26000 Uncommon 2 120m 3D+1 7D+1
Equalizer Haliat Armory Sniper Rifle 30000 Rare 3 120m 3D+2 7D+2
M-97 Viper Rosenkov Materials Sniper Rifle 34000 Rare 2 130m 3D+2 7D+2
Harpoon Kassa Fabrication Sniper Rifle 50000 Rare 2 130m 4D 8D
Punisher Armax Arsenal Sniper Rifle 100000 Rare 2 130m 4D+1 8D+1
M-92 Mantis Devlon Industries Sniper Rifle 120000 Rare 2 130m 4D+2 8D+2
Helix Jormangund Technology Sniper Rifle 140000 Rare 2 160m 4D+2 8D+2
M-13 Raptor Cerberus Skunkworks Sniper Rifle Unknown Rare 2 190m 4D+1 8D+1
M-29 Incisor Kassa Fabrication Sniper Rifle Unknown Rare 2 200m 4D+2 8D+2
M-98 Widow Spectre Gear Sniper Rifle Unknown Rare 2 200m 5D 9D

Main Page —> Equipment —> Weapons

sniper rifles

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