sub machine guns

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Lightweight and easily concealed, the submachine gun fires in long deadly bursts. Very popular with crime syndicates and mercenaries operating in urbanized areas.

Cost AV Name/Manufacturer MS Range Size Acc Dam
800 Common B-2 Locust Kassa Fabrication 1 20m 3 -3 2
2000 Uncommon U-4 Tempest Elanus Risk Control Services 1 20m 3 -1 2
4000 Uncommon M-4 Shuriken Elkoss Combine 2 20m 3 0 2 Sht B opt

Sub Machine Guns can only do a Long Burst.
*- Means this weapon is AP 1.
^- Means you increase your damage by 2 for each extra success, not only 1.
+- Means this is ion damage. It hurts shields, biotic barriers and only. Stun damage to living creatures.
Main Page —> Equipment —> Weapons

sub machine guns

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