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Omni Tech

Device Cost
Omni-tool 500
Enhanced Omni-tools
Black Phase Tap 10000
Engineer’s Omni-tool 2000
Omni-Blade 750
Omni-Shield 750
Omni-gel 10
Uplink 250

At character creation, you receive an Omni-tool for free. If you wish to have a different omni-tool. You reduce the cost by 500.

Medical Supplies

Device Cost
Cita-gel 50
Medi-gel 150
Medkit 200
Bezoar 200
Brainwave 1,000
Hush 200
Quad 25
Reverie 100
Squeal 300
Tsunami 50

Weapons Supplies

Device Cost
Ammunition Upgrade +250
Clip Upgrade +250
Scope +200
Thermal Clip 100

Interstellar Maps

Device Cost
Major Star Chart Free
Common Star Chart Varies
Uncommon Star Chart Varies
Rare Star Chart Varies
Very Rare Star Chart Varies
Lost/Forgotten Star Chart Varies


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