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Core Technique- Mass Effect Field

The biotic may Commit Effort for the scene as a Main Action to direct their mass effect field toward an object or person within unaided visual range or with tactile contact with the biotic. The strength and precision of the force increases with the expertise of the biotic. This force isn’t responsive enough to be usable as a weapon without further refinement of technique, and cannot cause damage to living or mobile targets. If used to crush or harm immobile unliving objects, it does 1d6 damage per skill level of the biotic per round of focus.

A mass effect field can be maintained over multiple rounds without expending further actions, such as holding a metal platform in place under a group of allies, but the biotic cannot use this technique on a second object until they release the first.

Level Effect
Lv: 0 The biotic can exert force as if with one hand and their own physical strength.
Lv: 1 The biotic can manipulate objects as if with both hands and can lift up to two hundred kilograms with this ability.
Lv: 2 The biotic can lift or manipulate up to four hundred kilograms and blast a human-sized hole in structures of light wooden construction or lighter as a Main Action.
Lv: 3 The biotic can manipulate up to eight hundred kilograms and can affect as many individual objects at once as they have Telekinesis skill levels.
Lv: 4 The biotic can manipulate up to a metric ton and can smash human-sized holes in TL4-constructed exterior walls, light stone walls, or similar barriers as a Main Action.

Lv 1 Techniques

Kinetic Path
Pressure Field

Lv 2 Techniques

ChargeVanguard Only
Holdout Barrier
Kinetic Expertise
SlamAdept Only
StasisSentinel & Vanguard Only
WarpAdept & Vanguard Only
Warp AmmoSentinel Only

Lv 3 Techniques

Kinetic Flight
SingularityAdept Only
Tangible Force Construct


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