Transit- Intra-System

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Intra-System Transit is exactly as it name proclaims. Its the act of travel from one location to another while within a solar system. Traveling inside a solar system is much safer and more rapid than interstellar travel. Barring unusual perils or mechanical failure, such journeys can be made without Pilot skill checks or risk of dramatic mishaps.

For convenience, space within a solar system is broken up in regions. Each region is simply a place of interest within the system; planets are regions, fortified arrival zones are regions, particular pirate lairs in the asteroid belts are regions, and so forth. Any particular place of interest and its satellite areas can be treated as a single region.

The base travel time for moving inside a region is six hours. Thus, in six hours a ship could travel from a planetary starport to a site on the planet’s moon, or to a distant science station orbiting around the planet, or to a distress beacon in space near that world. Any place within that region can be reached within six hours, or faster at the GM’s discretion.

The base travel time for moving between regions is forty-eight hours. A ship in orbit around one planet could thus travel to an entirely different planet, or to the transition zone at the rim of the system, or to a ship detected deep within system space, or to an asteroid pirate base, or to any other point of interest in the solar system.

Base travel time is divided by the ship’s Ezo drive rating. Thus, a ship with drive-3 could reach another region in the system in only 16 hours. Bold navigators can “trim the course” to increase their effective Ezo drive rating by 1 by making a successful Pilot check at difficulty 9. On a failure, the travel actually takes twice as long as usual.

Transit- Intra-System

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